redsocks - 代理所有流量 - use redsocks to proxy all traffic

在 Linux 平台,shadowsocks-qt5 并不强大,不能代理所有流量,我在搭建 Macaca 环境的时候,就遇到 selenium-standalone install 无法顺利完成的问题,即使设置了代理也无济于事,幸好我们还有 redsocks,它可以代理所有流量到指定端口。

首先,我们需要安装 redsocks ,这个请自行解决啊,我使用 Manjaro,打开 添加/删除软件 搜索下就OK了,下面,我们配置它。

sudo vim /etc/redsocks.conf

base {
  // debug: connection progress & client list on SIGUSR1
  log_debug = off;

  // info: start and end of client session
  log_info = off;

  /* possible `log' values are:
   *   stderr
   *   "file:/path/to/file"
   *   syslog:FACILITY  facility is any of "daemon", "local0"..."local7"
  // log = stderr;
  // log = "file:/path/to/file";
  log = "syslog:daemon";

  // detach from console
  daemon = on;

  /* Change uid, gid and root directory, these options require root
   * privilegies on startup.
   * Note, your chroot may requre /etc/localtime if you write log to syslog.
   * Log is opened before chroot & uid changing.
  user = redsocks;
  group = redsocks;
  // chroot = "/var/chroot";

  /* possible `redirector' values are:
   *   iptables   - for Linux
   *   ipf        - for FreeBSD
   *   pf         - for OpenBSD
   *   generic    - some generic redirector that MAY work
  redirector = iptables;

redsocks {
  /* `local_ip' defaults to for security reasons,
   * use if you want to listen on every interface.
   * `local_*' are used as port to redirect to.
  local_ip =;
  local_port = 31338;

  // listen() queue length. Default value is SOMAXCONN and it should be
  // good enough for most of us.
  // listenq = 128; // SOMAXCONN equals 128 on my Linux box.

  // `max_accept_backoff` is a delay to retry `accept()` after accept
  // failure (e.g. due to lack of file descriptors). It's measured in
  // milliseconds and maximal value is 65535. `min_accept_backoff` is
  // used as initial backoff value and as a damper for `accept() after
  // close()` logic.
  // min_accept_backoff = 100;
  // max_accept_backoff = 60000;

  // `ip' and `port' are IP and tcp-port of proxy-server
  // You can also use hostname instead of IP, only one (random)
  // address of multihomed host will be used.
  ip =;
  port = 1080;

  // known types: socks4, socks5, http-connect, http-relay
  type = socks5;

  // login = "foobar";
  // password = "baz";

redudp {
  // `local_ip' should not be as it's also used for outgoing
  // packets that are sent as replies - and it should be fixed
  // if we want NAT to work properly.
  local_ip =;
  local_port = 10053;

  // `ip' and `port' of socks5 proxy server.
  ip =;
  port = 1080;

  // login = username;
  // password = pazzw0rd;

  // kernel does not give us this information, so we have to duplicate it
  // in both iptables rules and configuration file.  By the way, you can
  // set `local_ip' to if you need more than 65535 ports to
  // forward ;-)
  // This limitation may be relaxed in future versions using contrack-tools.
  dest_ip =;
  dest_port = 53;

  udp_timeout = 30;
  udp_timeout_stream = 180;

dnstc {
  // fake and really dumb DNS server that returns "truncated answer" to
  // every query via UDP, RFC-compliant resolver should repeat same query
  // via TCP in this case.
  local_ip =;
  local_port = 5300;

// you can add more `redsocks' and `redudp' sections if you need.

主要修改 redsocks 节点下面的 ip、port、port 以及 redudp 节点下面的 ip 和 port,然后配置信息就OK了,但是还需要配置 iptables 规则,以下是我的规则:


sudo iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -d -j RETURN
sudo iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -d -j RETURN
sudo iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -d -j RETURN
sudo iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -d -j RETURN
sudo iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -d -j RETURN
sudo iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp -j REDIRECT --to-ports 31338

这里注意两点,第一行的 改为你代理服务器的ip,即 shadowsocks 服务器的 ip,保证这个 ip 不被代理,否则死循环了,最后一行的 31338 需要和 redsocks 节点下面的 local_port 一致。你可以将以上规则保存为 proxy 并保存到 /usr/local/bin/目录下面,然后 sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/proxy 之后就可以通过 proxy 来设置为全局代理了。那么,如何取消呢?


sudo iptables -t nat -D OUTPUT 6
sudo iptables -t nat -D OUTPUT 5
sudo iptables -t nat -D OUTPUT 4
sudo iptables -t nat -D OUTPUT 3
sudo iptables -t nat -D OUTPUT 2
sudo iptables -t nat -D OUTPUT 1

同样的,保存到 /usr/local/bin/ 目录下面,并 sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/del_proxy 之后可以通过 del_proxy 来取消全局代理了。但是记得 sudo systemctl start redsocks 以及 sudo systemctl enable redsocks 哦!

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