install minikube in China

As we all known it is very difficult to set up minikube for China developer just as it is impossible for our Chinese to access or So I pull the code from then checkout aliyun-v0.27.0 and build minikube from source code here is how I do it.

Pull source code by

git clone

Checkout aliyun-v0.27.0 and install golang then switch to root user and run export GOPATH finally goto the source code and type make

sudo apt install golang
sudo -i
mkdir /home/android/minikube/src
mkdir /home/android/minikube/src/
mv minukube /home/android/minikube/src/
export GOPATH=/home/android/minikube
cd /home/android/minikube/src/
git checkout aliyun-v0.27.0
cp out/minikube /usr/local/bin/
chmod a+x/usr/local/bin/minikube
apt install virtualbox

Run minikube locally by

minikube start --vm-driver=virtualbox --registry-mirror=

Download kubectl

curl -LO$(curl -s

launch minikube dashboard

minikube dashboard

Then your default browser will opened automatically and the url is!/overview?namespace=default

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